Freddy K is a techno activist. Since the ‘90s Alessio Armeni has been tireless campaigning from the dancefloor, defending vinyl, championing young talents and reinforcing the scene from the shadows. You will know him best for his marathon DJ sets and deviant selections. You might recognise him as the head of KEY Vinyl, or for the backstage role he played at M_Rec, the label he helped run with best friend Max_M. You should definitely know about Virus, the thing that started it all off for him back in Rome.


To all the djs out there that really love being a dj full of passion, love and effort in their lifes… please don’t throw your dreams away.
We are all struggling , it looks like they are laughing at us, they are making jokes about us…
When you try to explain what you are feeling, especially seeing that everywhere the time to work is back , you received often the answer “there are more important things in life”… true, but we all struggling, that’s a fact since 6 months.
Who built their family around their passion and job, who invested the money just earned trying to build something based on their “regular” incoming from gigs, releases, etc. , who just tasted the dream of playing gigs around the world, who finally decided to have their passion as their full time job seeing the incoming (small or big) from gigs .

PLEASE don’t be ashamed to be a DJ, only few can understand how beautiful the feeling is of making dance and making people of every ages happy in their free time as an escape from the daily reality… with your skills and your taste.
Don’t be ashamed if you are going to play also in this moment… if the party is safe, you are a DJ that’s what you do and who you are. Few euros or just the feeling, is what you need and what makes you alive. If you are really struggling than try different way… a temporary job, sell merchandise, etc. Often who say the contrary probably has a lot of savings (well deserved, not saying anything bad here) or people that has their job back already (that probably are the same people that will be in the first row when you play). YES it’s frustrating!!!
Unfortunately and fortunately in a era where most of the contacts are virtual, we are the last network (and here I am including all the categories involved in the event industry, not only djs…) based in real human contact, facing each other smiles… sharing face to face emotions and state of mind… the unpopular things at the moment “staying together”.
If you are a DJ with passion, love, dedication…
Please stay strong and don’t throw your dreams away…
Being a dreamer is a special thing that makes you alive forever.
With Love ❤

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