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Filmmaker – Hollywood Cult LP 2×12″ (VEYL040) VEYL

Filmmaker – Hollywood Cult LP 2×12″ (VEYL040) VEYL


Comprised of 13 tracks, the album sees the producer elevate his sound to new levels, conjuring a world of haunting atmospheres and devious directions that take the listener through a journey of unparalleled proportions. Kicking off the album is the ritual-like
‘Secrecy’, which builds tension before exploding into a synth-driven race against time and introduces us to the world that lies ahead. ‘Holy Wood’ injects a heavy dose of body music for an infectious piece that bleeds perfectly in to the slow burning nostalgia of ‘Generational Trauma’. Next, ‘Western Malice’ picks the pace back up with its evil energy that feels fit for the best horror scenes before ‘Shocking Therapy’ enters the picture with an exhilarating electro feel.

Now in the depths of the journey, ‘Vessels Wine’ continues the saga with a high intensity work that gives way to the stirring emotions of ‘Peacekeeper Ripper’ and the raw, blood lust of ‘Criminal Rite’. Now entering the final phases, ‘Spiritual Harvest’ cleanses the palate before ‘Elite Dungeons’ comes crashing in with a lo-fi feel that puts you deep underground. ‘Two Sets of Rules’ charges back with twisted lines before ‘No Fetish Without Evil’ unveils post-punk strings that puts you in a trance before ‘Hanging Finale’ closes the release u ltimately fading out into the abyss. Repeat listens will be necessary and the whole album feels like a soundtrack to a dark new world that is perfectly fitting for any Hollywood Cult.




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