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Nørbak – Ferramenta EP (POLEGROUP071) PoleGroup

Nørbak – Ferramenta EP (POLEGROUP071) PoleGroup


More Portuguese power in our label this time coming from the hands of Nørbak, One of the most fit music producers in the neighboring country. Across his relatively short career he has developed a very own personal style, always evolving and changing, technically perfect in every delivery.

Regra is the first cut in this EP, filtered dynamic stabby sequences grow on the first bars until the groove is fully powered. The real value of this track is the arrangement, with a few fundamental elements, Nørbak manages to have things constantly twisting and changing, structure is the key here. Unique is the word.

Ferramenta speeds the tempo a bit, again starting with the filtered elements and progressively adding hysterical sequences on top while the frequencies grow in the lower part of the spectrum. Expertly crafted drones and ambiences add a floating feeling to the beat.

Flipping the vinyl, Amarante, another solid proposal made with expertly processed rhythms, complex chords and a deep approach in sound design that perfectly pairs with a dynamic approach.

Last tune Nota is more stripped down element wise, a solid kick is the main piece for starters soon helped by a metallic Fm like synth line and as always an expert drum programming and a constantly evolving arrange.

A sonic proof of the personal interpretation of contemporary mental dance musical that breathes hard work into every second of this EP.




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