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Sciahri – Segments EP (WU89) Warm up

Sciahri – Segments EP (WU89) Warm up


We are super glad to finally have Sciahri in the label. This producer is one of those who has a signature in techno, always finding new boundaries, pushing forward to create the best possible techno.

For this first adventure with us he delivers 5 cuts, four on vinyl and an extra number on zeroes and ones.

The Ep begins straight to the point with the metallic and continuous sequences of Dying Nature. An ode to modulation and movement, carefully crafted for the best dancefloor experience.

No regrets is the second cut, this time the flow is slower, with a crispy groove soon overlapped with a flanged synth line that changes violently as the bars go by.

On the B side Purity is synthetic and elastic, with an anabolic sub bass line that shakes the room while high frequencies massage your brain.

Closing the physical release Aurora, gray and opaque with dynamic sequences rolling over a filtered beat.

As a digital extra, Hurricane brings the energy again with empowered kick drums, industrialized ring modulated lines and a super dynamic arrangement. A sonic odyssey filling the whole frequency range.




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